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Polish Automation and Robotics Association represents
and supports Polish integrators [with over 50% polish capital], suppliers and vendors
providing solutions in the fields
of automation and robotization.

Our associated members are leading Polish companies that support industry in Poland and abroad. System integrators. Technologies and solutions providers. Machinery manufacturers. Institutions providing expertise on Industry 4.0 technologies and supporting the development of competencies in the field.

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AIUT is an engineering company (1000 employees, 600 engineers) delivering complex automation and robotics solutions worldwide. AIUT HQ is in Gliwice, Poland with subsidiaries (local competence centers) in USA, Canada, Germany, Romania, India and China. AIUT provides automation integration, software development, machine building, robotized stations and lines, automated warehousing, intralogistics, based on proprietary AMR/AGV solutions, Digital Twin for assets management (IBM Maximo), IoT. The solutions are used in the automotive, cement and lime, power, metallurgy, food and paper industries. Estabilished in 1991 Sectors: Automotive, Cement and Lime, Energy, Oil & Gas, Metallurgy and Metalworking, Furniture, Food and Beverage, Paper, Chemical, Plastics, Electronics, Pharmaceutical, Electrical, Logistics, Water and Sewage, Railway, General Industry


Alnea is known for its automation and robotics processes, vision control systems, as well as complex semi-automatic workstations and testers. However, it has been found that the market demand is constantly increasing, which is why the company is creating increasingly complex and extensive custom production line projects. A completely new feature is the Virtual Reality visualization - clients can view their own production line in a virtual space, take their place at a specific workstation, and check if the proposed solutions are optimal. The company's domain includes machine design and construction, CNC machining, service and installation, research and development services, prefabrication of control cabinets, and programming. Currently, Alnea also provides specialized training (soldering, programming) and consultancy services for production line optimization and cost-effectiveness analysis of solutions. Furthermore, there are requests coming from Poland and foreign contractors for conducting thematic lectures, presentations, and organizing demonstrations of offered robots.


An integrator with several years of experience since 2012. the Anzena's team is made up of experienced IT/OT engineers and cyber security architects, who deal on a daily basis with risk assessment, vulnerability detection. Anzena is able to translate norms and standards into good practices and then - proven cyber security solutions. Anzena specialize in auditing IT/OT networks, advising and consulting in the area of procedures, security policies, norms and standards, and offer engineering services. They deal with network segmentation and microsegmentation, data security, infrastructure building and hardening. The company portfolio consists of Enterprise-class solutions - both for industry, IT/OT, private and public sectors. We educate and teach to build competence in IT/OT cyber security.

ARM. Automation Robotics Machines

An engineering company associating specialists with many years of industrial and academic experience. The knowledge and skills of the company's employees allow them to implement technologically advanced projects for a wide range of recipients around the World. The main areas of ARM's activity are automation, robotics, and customized machines. ARM Headquarters located in Katowice, Poland, and ARM Technologies Department in Paris, France. Company specialization is Industrial automation, robotization (grinding, deburring, polishing, welding), design and construction of lines and customized machines, and programming of robots and PLC controllers.​


ARMEX AUTOMATYKA provides comprehensive services in the field of designing and building automated and robotic stations and production lines for individual needs. Offered solutions optimize production and increase the safety level. The offer i.a. includes the following services: - design of control systems and machine safety systems - implementation of original automation and robotics systems in the industry - design of dedicated devices and production lines considering individual customer requirements and specifications - design and creation of control and measurement systems


ASKOM is an integrator of process control systems and manufacturing execution systems as well as a producer of industrial software with over 30 years of experience on the market. We offer comprehensive implementation of "turnkey" automation systems for machines, production lines, industrial processes and entire plants. We are a long-term partner of Siemens with the Solution Partner certificate in the field of automation and MOM Opcenter systems. ASCOM is also a producer of Asix SCADA software, with more than 16,000 licenses already installed in industrial plants around the world.


ASTOR a technological brand, the suplier of intelligent industrial technologies, with Polish capital, consistently built for the past 35 years. It is a leading Value Added Distributor (VAD) in the areas of automation, robotization, industrial software, and intralogistics, with a strong advisory presence through ASTOR Consulting and educational support provided by the ASTOR Academy, as well as industry publications such as the Automation Bulletin and Business and Production Magazine. The company's and its clients' development direction is guided by Industry 4.0, with technologies showcased in two demonstration centers in Krakow: the Digital Factory of the Future in the ASTOR Innovation Room 4.0 and intelligent robotics in the ASTOR Robotics Center. Since 2020, ASTOR has been the distributor of Kawasaki Robotics for 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe through the Kawasaki Robotics CEE HUB. They are also the owners of their own brand, Astraada, and the manufacturer of revolutionary educational robots called ASTORINO. ASTOR's strategic customer groups are production companies, automation system integrators OEM and education sector.


Polish engineering company established in 1994, operating in the industrial automation industry. We offer a wide range of professional engineering services and supply components from leading industrial automation manufacturers. AUTOMATECH engineers are high-class specialists, having knowledge and experience in various industries and with varying levels of difficulty. AUTOMATECH engineering team has extensive experience in building a variety of industrial automation applications. A significant part of the solutions we develop are dedicated for the individual industrial needs of our customers. For this reason, the projects we carry out are unique and there are mostly prototypes in nature.


AUTOPROCES is a company with many possibilities. They follow the principle: INNOVATION HAS NO LIMITS. Autoproces offers a wide range of services in one place - AUTOMATION, ROBOTIZATION, INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT, PURCHASING OUTSOURCING. They comprehensively implement the principles of Industry 4.0, starting from project development, through simulations and programming, all the way to line construction and commissioning. The company offers dedicated solutions for various industries. Thanks to the implementation of innovative solutions, their partners derive tangible benefits from the optimization of production processes.


Founded in 2011, the company's focus from the beginning has been on designing, manufacturing and implementing automated storage systems for metal sheets, long goods and other heavy and large-scale materials. Currently, the company’s core business is automation and Industry 4.0 which is a key technology for many manufacturing companies. Baumalog's automation solutions provide the opportunity to optimize material flow to laser cutting machines and autonomise the entire process of production.​

Cobot Planet

Cobot Planet is a company that specializes in designing and providing accessories for cobots, enabling market participants (users, integrators) to effectively, conveniently, and safely automate their own and their clients' business processes. They continuously work on comprehensive solutions for specific and common cobot application cases (e.g., in CNC operation). As a result, they can offer proven technical solutions and support in their implementation.

Control Proces IT

A company with an IT profile focusing on industrial control systems and automation. The core of the company's activities is the software development of systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs) as well as data visualization, archiving, and transmission systems from various manufacturers. They prioritize introducing innovative technical solutions that meet the needs of their customers and creating systems that enhance the efficiency of businesses by utilizing the latest design and technical solutions.


Control-Service is providing companies with proven, reliable industrial automation systems. They provide production process control systems and batch production systems which we implement based on the Aveva System Platform. They provide software optimized for the user's needs, ensuring our clients with greater competitiveness in the market with a significant reduction in production costs. The company primary activity is the automation of industrial processes - the construction of robotic technological lines and the implementation of drive and control systems. They also offer solutions in the field of production optimization and monitoring of production processes and media. ​


Delta Automation, founded in 2012, has been a member of the DMA group since 2015. The company has its research center in Mysłowice, where we develop modern solutions for automation and robotization of production processes. The recipients of the Company's products and services include large companies from the Automotive sector: VW Group, Volvo, Daimler, Wasiak SA, and others: Geberit, PEKABEX. We specialize in: - PLC programming - Programming of industrial robots - Construction of modular and compact robotic stations and turnkey technological lines.

Dentec Robotics

Dentec Robotics is an engineering company specializing in automation and robotization of production processes: • integration of industrial robots handling injection molding machines, • removal of parts from injection molds (gripper design), • cutting off sprues, • feeding inserts into injection molds (overmolding), • marking of parts (laser, ink, labeling), • visual quality control (KEYENCE, COGNEX). In addition to designing its own solutions, it also integrates partners' solutions: • FIPA GmbH – suction cups, vacuum technology components, gripper building components, vacuum lifters. • Sumcab Robotics GmbH – robotic sheaths and cables, teach-pendant cable reels. • LT Autotools – quick connectors for automatic tool exchange on the robot.


ELPLC S.A. is a manufacturer of specialized and prototype solutions for the automation and robotization of production processes. They specialize in designing and building machines, complete robotic assembly lines, automated stations, and creating software for various industries, including automotive (OEMs & Tier1) and many others. ELPLC S.A. provides Industry 4.0/Smart Factory solutions that support quality assurance systems, total productive machine maintenance (TPM), and good manufacturing practices (GMP). ELPLC's Research and Development Center has been granted ministerial status since 2021.


The knowledge, familiarity with the availability of innovative solutions and products, and most importantly, the experience of a qualified team allows ILC Automation to offer the most efficient and effective solutions in the field of automation and robotics for a wide range of processes.

IMI Polska

The history of IMI-Polska dates back to 2013, starting as a design office. In order to meet the customers expectations in 2017 the scope of activity was expanded to include production and contracting. It gave a beginning to the IMI-Polska company. As a part of the Aiut Group (the largest Polish integrator) they implement projects for the industry, focusing on projects for the electrotechnical, automotive, heavy industry, pharmaceutical industry and the development of R&D projects. From the beginning IMI-Polska is a company built on a system of values. Each of them is supported by specific actions. Thus, for example, continuous improvement and development are supported by weekly training sessions that we organize in teams. ​


In Instytut Industry 4.0, they firmly believe that the team is the highest value of any organization. They recognize that technology development is the result of human effort and is meant to enhance both social and business efficiency. Regardless of the ever-changing technological landscape, they consider the human factor to be of utmost importance. Their mission is to empower people through innovative technologies. As a consulting company, they offer services aimed at optimizing processes and achieving high efficiency and innovation within enterprises. They assist organizations in creating business strategies and undergoing transformations. The team at Instytut Industry 4.0 possesses expertise in team development and fostering employee engagement. They understand the importance of building strong teams and ensuring that employees are fully engaged in their work.


ISCAS is a software integrator that operates at the intersection of industrial automation and IT for the industry. It develops applications for "traditional" automation such as PLC, HMI, and SCADA. The company also has extensive experience in various industries such as chemicals, water and sewage, household appliances, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, automotive, and construction. They work with systems from different manufacturers such as AVEVA, Siemens, Beckhoff, and Allen-Bradley. ISCAS is willing to work as a subcontractor for larger companies, providing additional processing power and strong technical support. In recent years, they have been expanding their IT department, which creates custom IT applications for reporting and production management. They are a true integrator, bridging the gap between the IT world and the world of machines, enabling automated data flow between different systems at various business levels in manufacturing facilities.


Link Point is a dynamically developing company, which has set itself the goal of developing modern machinery and IT solutions for industry, as well as promoting the automation of production processes and digitalization of manufacturing. They automate the industry by producing machines and robotic workstations in combination with proprietary IT applications. Their clients are production plants of the largest door, window, and furniture manufacturers in Poland and Europe. They create and develop the proprietary RHINO MES Software system, which has unique functionalities, including autonomous control of production lines and the automatic generation of machining programs for CNC machines. This system is successfully implemented in the largest wood industry factories in Poland. Link Point specializes in integrating robotic workstations and creating prototype machines. Their goal is to develop and implement modern machine and IT solutions for industry and to promote the automation of production processes and digitization of production to introduce authentic Industry 4.0 to our clients.


Pneumatic Complex's operations go beyond distributing pneumatic equipment from global leaders. The company also focuses on designing and manufacturing application-specific solutions using their own CNC machines, as well as providing professional service services. The devices offered by Pneumatic Complex meet European standards and have gained a reputation among customers worldwide. By utilizing products from represented companies and their proprietary designs, customers ensure long-lasting and reliable operation of their equipment, achieving excellent performance parameters.


ProCobot has been robotizing Polish production plants for 10 years (robotic applications based on cobots), and in 2021 has entered the HORECA industry with service and disinfecting robots. ProCobot is an official distributor of Universal Robots with an authorized training center, service center and technical support facilities. It is also a distributor of such giants as Mobile Industrial Robots, Robotiq, OnRobot. ProCobot is the first company from the CEE region to be awarded the GOLD DISTRIBUTOR 2022 CEE Region Universal Robots for reaching cobot milestone -> the first distributor in the CEE region to deliver 500 cobots to the industry. ProCobot has been robotizing Polish production plants for 10 years now (robotic applications based on cobots). The company mission is to educate a market, be a trusted supplier, be a trusted partner and offer the best possible support.​


Years of experience in the field of control system integration place ProPoint SA at the forefront of automation and robotics suppliers in Europe. They set trends not only by implementing new industry standards but also through research and development activities. The company's goal is to consistently increase the efficiency of manufacturing enterprises through the complete implementation of our solutions, encompassing programming, mechanical, electrical, and commissioning aspects. Their effectiveness and high quality are confirmed by over 500 completed projects for the largest automation and robotics clients worldwide.


A family-owned company specializing in the following industries: electrical engineering, automation & robotics, mechanics, and maintenance, operating in the industry since 1985. It specializes in electrical engineering, automation and robotics, mechanics, and maintenance. In this context, as one of the first companies in Poland, in the 1990s, it started outsourcing, which means it took over the entire maintenance services in Browar Okocim, currently Carlsberg, and later in 2005 in Browar Żywiec. The food industry is one of the main sectors of the industry in which PROSTER operates. It is also present in industries such as automotive, district heating, power engineering, packaging production, sewage treatment plants, construction, and metallurgy.


Tasko Project S.A. specializes in building robotic lines and cells that replace operators in the production process. The company has expertise in handling challenging processes involving the joining of parts, such as steel, aluminum, and plastic, using techniques like arc welding, riveting, gluing, spot welding, and laser welding. They also excel in precise assembly of plastic or rubber components. The company's main focus is on solving customers' problems and enhancing their production processes across various industries. teamtechnik possesses extensive knowledge in implementing solutions for automatic part feeding into machines and production lines, eliminating the need for operator involvement.


Automation is teamtechnik's DNA. teamtechnik Poland is a part of the teamtechnik Group and TDJ Company, which has been in the business since 1976. For 46 years, they have continuously provided solutions in the field of assembly and functional test systems to customers worldwide. Thanks to being part of the group, they are one of the international leaders in systems for assembly and functional testing of products from the e-mobility, automotive, medtech, or industrial goods industries. teamtechnik focuses on the development and implementation of customized solutions for production automation, paying particular attention to a high level of expertise in software and control technology.

TRASKO Automatyka

TRASKO Automatyka executes projects for industrial automation as well as designing and executing electrical and telecommunication systems in buildings. The Department of Industrial Automation executes robotized welding stations; robotized stations for handling, assembly and control; assembly lines and stations; end-of-line testers (EOLTs); marking stations; presses. The Department of Building Automation specialises in production and storage halls, supermarkets and shopping centers, apartments and public buildings. TRASKO Automatyka executes projects for automotive, metal, wood, medical, and communication cable production.​

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