FAIRP is a patron of the conference: “(R)evolution of Industry. Is digital transformation the answer to the crisis?”

During the event, we will explore arguments for and against the implementation of new technologies, as well as specific methods and tools that will enable entrepreneurs to guide their companies towards the path of Industry 4.0, focusing on robotic solutions and digital technologies.

The discussion in the first panel will revolve around topics such as:

  • the impact of digital transformation on industry and the economy
  • benefits and challenges associated with the implementation of Industry 4.0
  • new business models based on digital technologies
  • automation and robotization of manufacturing processes
  • data analysis and artificial intelligence in the industry
  • cybersecurity in the era of Industry 4.0
  • the role of humans in an automated production environment

During the panel discussion, experts will delve into these issues and provide insights on the opportunities and challenges associated with digital transformation in the industry.

What factors should guide the selection of a production line?

What is the market offer like?

Which industries are currently developing the fastest?

What types of applications are particularly in demand, and who should consider robotization the most?

Why is a recession a good time for robotization?

The organizers have also made sure to create a space for knowledge and experience sharing among practitioners who will provide practical insights into existing and available technologies.

What can participants expect from the conference?

  • 8 thematic modules – comprehensive knowledge about digitization and robotization at your fingertips
  • Practical knowledge about existing and available technologies
  • Expert meetings with key representatives from the industrial and business world
  • Q&A sessions
  • A unique space for knowledge and experience exchange among practitioners
  • Networking opportunities
  • Practical workshops and tools to assist in transformation

For more information about the conference and registration, please visit:

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